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Title: Louisiana State Documents Digital Archive

Louisiana law requires that state agencies submit copies of their publications to the Recorder of Documents for distribution to the member libraries of the Louisiana State Document Depository Program. This program preserves and assures the availability of state publications for use by the public throughout the state. State agencies are allowed to fulfill their statutory obligation to participate in the Depository Program by providing documents in electronic format. The primary goal of the Digital Archive is to provide the public with permanent access to these digital publications that state agencies submit. Louisiana state documents, print and digital, are cataloged in the State Library's online catalog and are available for use by all libraries regardless of depository status.

Contact: Charlene Bonnette; cbonnette@slol.lib.la.us; 225-342-2791 or LAColl@state.lib.la.us

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Title: Painting in Louisiana From The Historic New Orleans Collection

The Painting in Louisiana from The Historic New Orleans Collection consists of several hundred paintings (including oils and watercolors) by Louisiana and Southern artists, owned by The Historic New Orleans Collection. The paintings held by The Collection have a pronounced historical interest, documenting persons, places and events in Louisiana and by implication, the Gulf South. As a whole, the painting collection at The Historic New Orleans Collection forms a visual narrative of the origins and development of art and society in Louisiana.

Contact: The Historic New Orleans Collection; louisquery@hnoc.org

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