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Title: Abe L. Shushan Collection

The Abe L. Shushan Collection contains nearly 750 items including scrapbooks, photographs, and personal memorabilia of the former president of the Orleans Levee Board, under whose direction the Lake Pontchartrain sea wall and New Orleans Lakefront Airport were constructed. A close friend and associate of Huey P. Long, Abe L. Shushan was an influential and controversial public figure in the Louisiana political landscape during the 1920s and 1930s.

Contact: libspec@uno.edu, (504) 280-6544

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Title: Lafcadio Hearn Correspondence

Lafcadio Hearn was a writer during the closing decades of the nineteenth century and the opening years of the twentieth. His writings--fiction and nonfiction alike--typically drew on his firsthand observations of life in what were then considered exotic places: New Orleans, the West Indies, and Japan. The Lafcadio Hearn Collection at Loyola University New Orleans consists primarily of letters written by Hearn to Page Baker. Baker was the editor of the Times-Democrat when Hearn worked for that newspaper; he was also a steadfast champion of Hearn's literary ambitions. Hearn wrote Baker from various places--New Orleans, the West Indies, and Japan. In these letters, which ranged from one paragraph to many pages, Hearn touched on many subjects, including his work at the Times-Democrat, his literary efforts, and his travels.

Contact: archives@loyno.edu

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