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Title: Aristides Agramonte Yellow Fever Collection

Access over 130 books and journal articles dating back to the 1790s discussing the epidemiology and pathology of yellow fever in New York, Philadelphia, Barbados and New Orleans, among other areas. Books are included from prominent researchers of yellow fever authors such as Benjamin Rush, Carlos Finlay and Aristides Agramonte.

Contact: LSU Health New Orleans, digitalarchives@lsuhsc.edu

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Title: Free People of Color in Louisiana: Revealing an Unknown Past

Free people of color--people of African descent who lived in colonial and antebellum America and were born free or escaped the bonds of slavery before it was abolished in 1865--made significant contributions to the economies and cultures of the communities in which they lived. This collection brings together materials from LSU Libraries Special Collections, The Historic New Orleans Collection, the Louisiana Research Collection in Tulane University Special Collections, the Historical Center at the Louisiana State Museum, and the Louisiana Division of the New Orleans Public Library.

Contact: LSU Libraries Digital Services; lsudiglib@lsu.edu

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