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Title: Andrew Augustus Gunby Collection

The collection contains photographic images of the Andrew Augustus Gunby family and friends including Gunby’s grandfather, Colonel Thomas Cunningham Standifer and Gunby’s son, Colonel Thomas Standifer Gunby. Many of the images were made by well-known photographers of the time.

Contact: ULM Library Special Collections; specialcollections@ulm.edu 318-342-1054

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Title: Charles L. Franck and Franck-Bertacci

Charles L. Franck was a commercial photographer in New Orleans whose individual career and successors covered all but the first decade of the 20th century. In 1955, his studio was purchased by Alfred L. Bertacci Sr., who continued to operate within the same scope of assignments as Franck had done. Tens of thousands of photographs and negatives from the Franck and Franck-Bertacci studios, held at The Collection, chronicle the face and growth of Louisiana, and New Orleans in particular, during the 20th century. The change of the city through its photographed character focuses on major industries (the port, construction, transportation) during a period of racial integration, labor disputes, and urban growth. Social and cultural events–Mardi Gras, weddings, private parties–all feature in the collection as well. As the Franck Collection approaches the present day, the photographs of major building projects (the Louisiana Superdome, bridges across the Mississippi River, nuclear power plants, and petrochemical complexes) touch on issues of suburban and exurban expansion, and environmental issues.

Contact: The Historic New Orleans Collection; louisquery@hnoc.org

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Title: Judge John Minor Wisdom Collection

John Minor Wisdom (1905-1999) was hailed as "a giant among federal judges during the tumultuous years that saw official segregation end in the South and civil rights at last extended to black Americans." This collection includes Carnival ball invitations, admit cards, dance cards, and programs; souvenir booklets; memorabilia of the Young Men's Gymnastic Club and other non-carnival miscellany.

Contact: libspec@uno.edu, (504) 280-6544

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