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Title: Louisiana State University Agricultural Experiment Station Reports

The LSU Agricultural Experiment Station was established in 1885 as a sugar research station funded by the Louisiana Sugar Planters Association. The station’s purpose was "to develop and improve the agricultural interests and resources of Louisiana, especially the cultivation of sugarcane and rice by scientific and agricultural and chemical experiments and to disseminated information connected therewith." With the passage of the federal Hatch Act of 1887, agriculture research at land grant universities established throughout the US. Today, the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station serves as the research arm of the LSU AgCenter. It is composed of academic departments and research stations across Louisiana. Scientists at research stations develop new knowledge and technologies to help agricultural producers provide citizens of the state and the nation with a vast array of food, fiber, and fuel. More information about the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station can be found here: http://www.lsuagcenter.com/en/administration/about_us/research/

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